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2nd Japan-Vietnam Friendship Music Festival to feature AAA, AKB48, EXILE, w-inds., Koda Kumi

Image from: Sankei Sports

A press conference was held at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel on Wednesday to announce the 2nd Japan-Vietnam Friendship Music Festival, set to take place in Hanoi on October 9, 2011. The lineup will feature AAA, AKB48, EXILE, w-inds., Koda Kumi, Godai Natsuko, and Sugi Ryotaro.

The 1st Japan-Vietnam Friendship Music Festival was held three years ago in 2008. This time, the festival will be held at the historic Hanoi Opera House, which is celebrating its 100th birthday.

After the Tohoku earthquake in March, the Vietnamese government donated 200,000 dong (approximately 16 million yen), 50,000 underwear, and many other items. This festival is being held partly as a gesture of repayment for Vietnam’s generosity, and it is said that the artists will be participating without a guaranteed fee. There are also plans to set up a Japan-Vietnam Medical Treatment Exchange fund in conjunction with the festival.

Sankei Sports
Sports Hochi


Oh my god! I have to tell myself again and again to keep calm. I cannot believe that it's true. It's gonna happen. It will really happen.

As the previous one, there would be another night in Ho Chi Minh - where I am living now. However because of the recent disaters, the festial will be opened only in Ha Noi for 1 night. No matter what it is, it's truly what I must do for my whole life. Otherwise I would regret it for my left living years :)) I'm not in a good economic situation to afford to travel and join, but I will try all my best for it.

The problem is that, will our EXILE - at least 7 members - really fly to Vietnam and attend the festival?

Any of you are Vietnamese that live in Ho Chi Minh and (crazy enough) intend to fly to Ha Noi?

Any of you from other countries also intend to attend this festival?

We don't have an EXILE fanclub here (very different from K-pop). I know there are lots of EXILE fans in Vietnam, but we just keep it for ourselves and join the foreign communities.

From now on, I'm finding my fellows for this BIG BIG OPPORTUNITY IN OUR LIFE. I cannot imagine if it's gonna happen so fast like this.

Contact me if you also intend to!!! EXILE NO TAMENI - WATASHITACHI NO TAMENI!!!


Aug. 11th, 2011 12:27 pm (UTC)
i waaaaaant to go!!! but i'm in the UAE! so i can't!! >.<

HAVE FUN if u get to attend!