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TAKAHIRO-san, 誕生日おめでとう!

I did write my message on facebook in time for him :) The new day of 8th Dec in Japan :lol: though it's just 10pm here. 

Let write something here to mark the day :P

Thanks okasan, otosan for having you in this life. Thanks fate for letting me know you in this life. Wish you best with all my heart :x 

I wouldn't write too private stuff here, let it be for the diary :P Just some key points today. I had a new style of hair with that hair-pin, I wore a ring on my left little finger (obviously also look great when holding the micro). A new journey began. I managed to apply the 1st lense in 20 minutes. Such long time since whenever I put it in, it was there on my cornea already, yet it didn't part from my finger when I left it. So it felt :)) Splendidly, the second one is just in 5 minutes. I got the points hehe Taking it out in about 30s as well as putting it again. It's like miracle. It's not that difficult as other people usually says. Now is the time to get use to them gradually. Night at home is the best time :lol:

Fantasy Live is almost there, yet still not have time to reach it. I promise you this weekend is the latest day in choices that I would get the whole file by any ways.

Oyasumi! This is definitely a happy day for you :)