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Hanamizuki in Vietnam

Well, it’s been more than a year. I haven’t written anything here :lol: though I intended to do so many times.

Finally I decided to make my first post here by marking that day “20102010” – to first watch Hanamizuki in Vietnam hehe

Yup, that’s right. Who can believe that someday this movie will be shown in Vietnam? That day, I saw the news of Hanamizuki – which was now shown in some countries in the annual program of Japanese Film Festival. A small wish that would come true appearing in my mind. The following morning, I myself couldn’t believe in my eyes. Hanamizuki would compete in Vietnam Internaltional Film Festival. However, it would be in Ha Noi, whereas I live in Ho Chi Minh. To travel to Ha Noi in such this time is not very easy for me and my friends. Weeks passed by. The time is coming. The showing time was still not decided yet on the website. We nearly ended up not going since we could not arrange time and work and money :P Yet finally, miracle happened.

I and my friends, 4 of us did travel to Ha Noi that premiere day for Hanamizuki.

The theatre was almost blown up by audiences. Our family – or you can say – Curry4Toma house gather together in this event. The Director could not tell his surprise to know there would be such a number of people in Vietnam dying to watch his movie :P including us. I did talk and have a question for him. I did take a photo with him too. That was unforgettable moment. I also kept shouting “Onegaishimasu” and “Arigatou” when he said he would tell the acting staff about this event. 

It’s was a short time but very memorable.

My belief of "that thing" keeps growing stronger. Nothing is impossible. Unmei o shinjiteru…