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Today is Sunday ^^ I did lots of stuff during the day, so I stayed home this evening. Then definitely I must watched Tamashii hehe Takahiro-san is back. Yabai desu... the familiar voice.

It’s my low quality Keyhole TV so I don’t capture any pics. Just a short summary.

The first part of this episode is about Hamburger. Matsu and some guests taste different kinds of hamburger. They’re all oishii :lol: Yappari, Takahiro must like that very much. He laughs all the time. In the end, they play jankenpon to decide who will pay the bill. It’s one of the male guest hehe Matsu also says he loves beef.

And the main part… Takahiro salon :x I just love how the room is decorated with his surf board in the middle. Akira shows a pic to suggest the guest today. It turns out to be a picture of a girl with Nesmith’s face there :lol: Then the guest comes in. Sumimasen, I don’t know this woman >_< She’s quite young with straight short hair. I think Takahiro prefers natural style (as always). (My sharing thought, at the first few seconds from the last salon’s episode, my first impression is how he twisted his scissors in his hand. Any of you to notice such that small detail like me?!)

Taka cuts hair and dry-blows it later. He uses thin grey eye shadow. He also shows how to decide the end point for eyebrows, based on the straight line from the end of your eye-lid to the eyebrow. I obviously know this rule Taka :P 

Our guest finally turns out a kawaii girl. Her hair is puffed and tangled around her face. She calls him Takahiro-sensei :d

Then a small part everybody giving comments in the end of the show.

P.S: I had Fantasy Live in my laptop nearly a week, yet I just had time to scanned through the whole 3 disc. It’s impressive. Not as much of Taka as the previous ones :p I screamed out loud when seeing the boat-singing part. Well, to me, in my country, to be appeared in the show, to sit next to, to talk and to smile with my favorite singer is normal. The others may feel I’m lucky or something else. So here because they’re Japanese, they can be in the FC and... now I am jealous with them. You were singing, smiling and whispering to them. Fate is hurt. Demo... itsu mo... shinjiteru.. aruhi...